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The Quality Assurance

welqual_c.jpg (23536 bytes) HYKROM product superiority is achieved and maintained by a constant quest for quality and value engineering at Welcast.

Product operations are continuously and closely monitored. Quality assurance begins at the root level by employing the optical emission vacuum spectrometer with computer control for instant analysis of molten metal.

Casting is done in moulds with sand prepared and tested fully. The microstructure of casting is constantly photographed with the help of an electronic microscope and camera.

Welcast's quest for quality is supported by a Research and Development Wing manned by dedicated metallurgists and technicians who work to maintain the high quality standards, set under the surveillance of the Govt. of India.

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High performance,
longer lasting

Welcast HYKROM Grinding Media is a combination of high performance and durability. It strikes a perfect balance between hardness and toughness. Over 50,000 tonnes is currently employed in Indian and International industries without a single failure.

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